• The small appetizer

    2 Oysters with 1 glas of Cava 140sek
    2 Oysters with 1 glas of Champagne 190sek

    Oysters 38sek/pc
    Fine De Claire oysters with lemon, tabasco
    & shallot- and champagne vinaigrette

    Butter fried mushrooms 135 sek
    with parmesan cheese, caramelised cream and brioche

    Avocado toast 145sek
    grilled bread, poached egg, chili and coriander

    1/2 Moules 145 sek
    with garlic, chili, parsely & levain

    Shrimps 155 sek
    with mayonnaise, baguette and lemon

    Seared Queen scallops 165 sek
    with a salsa on cucumber, trout roe and lemon

    Lumpfish roe/whitefish roe 145/175kr
    served with a ”Västerbotten” pie, red onion,
    lemon, and smetana

    Toast Skagen small or big 165/255kr
    shrimps, mayonnaise, dill, horseradish,
    lemon & white fish roe

    Egg’s Benedict 155sek
    with serrano ham & sauce hollandaise

    Beef tartar 155 sek
    with egg yolk, dijonnaise, dill cocked beets,
    silver onion and crisp potatoes

  • Specials

    scampi pasta 175sek
    with grilled bell peppers, garlic & parsley

    Fried pointed cabbage 165sek
    with baked egg, spinach, silver onion, ”präst” cheese,
    and salt cocked potatoes

    Mushroom pasta 175sek
    with ricotta cheese, butternut pumpkin, truffle sauce,
    and parmesan cheese

    Fish and seafood casserole 245sek
    with shrimps, bluemussles. fennel, carrots, aoli & croutons

    Cheeseburger 185sek
    with GBG’s hamburger dressing, pickled cucumber, cheddar, tomato, red onions & roasted potato

  • Crème Brulée 95kr

    Göteborgs strawberry compote 125kr
    with strawberry sorbet, fresh swedish strawberries & whipped cream

    Dulce de leche-fondant 125kr
    with coconut ice cream, roasted nuts & fudge flakes

    Chocolate truffel 40kr
    dark chocolate

    Ice cream- & sorbet 1 piece 40kr /2 pieces 75kr
    Ask your waiter which flavours are available

    After dinner combo 125kr
    Coffee, chocolate truffel & 3cl Martell VS Cognac

  • Pancakes 75 sek
    with jam & whipped cream

    Meatballs 95sek
    with potato puree, pickled cucumber & lingon berries

    Hamburger 95 sek
    with roasted potatoes, vegetables & mayonnaise


  • Göteborg´s Favourites

    Bellini 110 sek

    Cava & peach

    Mimosa 110 sek
    Orangejuice & cava

    Espresso Martini
    Vodka, kahlúa & espresso

    Irish Coffee
    Jamesson, coffee, brown sugar & cream

    Warm Apple
    Calvados, dark rum, warm apple cider (jus de pommes), cinnamon & cream

  • Champagne & Mousserande

    Andre Clouet Silver Brut Champagne, France 145/825sek
    Andre Clouet Grand reserve Champagne, France 995sek
    Andre Clouet Chalky 2013 Champagne, France 1350sek
    Andre Clouet Millésime
     Champagne, France 1850sek

    Rodestieu cava, Spain 95/475sek
    Le Arche Prosecco Rosé, Italy 118/535sek

    Non Alcoholic

    Carl Ljung Non alcoholic wine, Germany 70/250sek
    Richard Juhlin Non alcoholic champagne,
    France 75/425sek

    White wine

    Göteborg’s White 95/385sek
    Trebbiano, Chardonnay – Rubicone, Italy

    Les Parcellaires 118/485sek
    Sauvignon Blanc – Côtes de Gascogne, France

    Aveleda Alvarinho 123/505sek
    Alvarinho – Portugal 

    Gustave Lorentz 138/600sek
    Pinot Gris – Alsace, France

    Chateau Ste Michelle 143/575sek
    Riesling – Kalifornien, USA

    Chateau Ste Michelle 148/655sek
    Chardonnay – Kalifornien, USA

    Gobelsburg Kamptal 143/585sek
    Grüner Veltliner – Langelois, Austria

    Rosé Wine

    Fish Hoek rosé 110/425sek
    Cinsault – W.O. Western Cape, RSA

    Rivera by Cantarelle 695sek
    Grenache, Syrah, Cabernet, Cinsault – Provence, France

    Red Wine

    Göteborg’s Red 95/385sek
    2021 Sangiovese – Rubicone, Italy

    Vidal-Fleury 128/520sek
    Grenach, Syrah, Mourvèdre – Rhône, France 

    Montes Reserva138/580sek
    Cabernet Sauvignon – Montes Colchadua, Chile

    Villa Wolf JL Loosen 141/600sek
    Pinot Noir – Pfalz, Germany 

    San Zenone Valpolicella Ripasso 148/620sek
    Corvina, Rondinella – Veneto, Italy

    CA’ del Baio 168/705sek
    Nebbiolo – Piemonte, Italy

    Roncicone Barone Ricasoli 2305sek
    Sangiovese – Chianti Classico, Toscana, Italy

    Söta viner

    St. Stephan’s Crown Tokaji Aszú 6cl/99sek
    Budapest, Hungary

    Casarito Moscato d´Asti 6cl/99sek
    Piemonte, Italy 

    Sandeman Old Invalid Ruby Port 6cl/89sek
    Porto, Portugal

    Sandeman Fine White Porto 6cl/89sek
    Porto, Portugal


    Pripps Blå Export, Sweden 40cl 75kr
    Eriksberg Karaktär, Sweden 81kr
    1664 Kronenbourg Blanc, France 40cl 97kr
    Brooklyn Pilsner, USA 40cl 98kr
    The Stonewall Inn Session IPA, USA 40cl 98kr
    Väntöl, Pripps Blå, Sweden 15cl 28kr


    Pripps Blå Lättöl, Sweden 33cl 45kr
    Tuborg, Denmark 33cl 71kr
    San Miguel Especiale Glutenfri, Spain 33cl 74kr
    Staropramen Premium, Czech Republic 33cl 77kr
    Staropramen Premium, Czech Republic 50cl 98kr
    Guinness Extra Stout, Irland 33cl 81kr
    Carnegie Starkporter, Sweden 33cl 91kr
    Grebbestad, Sweden 50cl 98kr
    O’hara´s irish red ale, Irland 50cl 96kr


    Somersby Pear, Sweden 33cl 77kr
    Somersby Sparkling Spritz, Sweden 33cl 77kr
    Somersby Sparkling Rosé, Sweden 33cl 77kr
    Strongbow Dry Apple, England 33cl 92kr


    Brooklyn Special Effects 0,4%, USA 33cl 51kr
    Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc 0,5%, France 33cl 51kr
    Somersby Sparkling Rosé 0,0%, Sweden 33cl 51kr

  • Non alcoholic

    Juice 32kr
    Pepsi/Pepsi Max/Zingo/7up 33cl 38kr
    Sparkling water 33cl/80cl 38/72kr
    Brooklyn Special Effects 0,4%, USA 33cl 51kr
    Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc 0,5%, France 33cl 51kr
    Somersby Sparkling Rosé 0,0%, Sweden 33cl 51kr
    Carl Ljung Non alcoholic wine, Germany 70/250kr
    Richard Juhlin Non Alcoholic sparkling wine, France 75/425kr
    Kiviks lemon lemonad 275ml 68kr
    Kiviks strawberry mint lemonad 275ml 68kr
    Bundaberg Ginger Beer 375ml 68kr


    Filter coffee 32kr
    Espresso 30kr
    Macchiato 30kr
    Doubel espresso 34kr
    Doubel macchiato 34kr
    Cappucino 40kr
    Latte 42kr
    Americano 34kr
    Hot chocolate 40kr
    Tee 32kr

    We have decaf coffee!